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Last Update: 14 Dec 2017
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Planning, coordinating and monitoring the rural electricity  development projects in Sarawak.

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Policies on Rural Electricity Supply

1.       General Policy - The general policy is to extend coverage of electricity supply to kampong houses and longhouses in the rural areas through implementation of Rural Electrification Scheme (RES).  For Grid Extension projects, the scope is as follows:

(1) HT line is limited to 33kV
(2) LT Service lines shall be extended and connected to individual houses or longhouses including installation of SESCO meters

(3) Collateral deposits and internal wiring to houses are not included.

2.      Increasing coverage - To increase the coverage of electricity supply to the rural areas.  Supply from the existing grid shall be extended to those settlements which are located near the grid.  For rural communities which are isolated and located in remote areas with difficult accessibility, emphasis shall be placed on the development of renewable energy systems such as solar, min/micro-hydro or wind turbine.

3.       Staged implementation - While it is the intention of the Government to extend the coverage of electricity as widely as possible, there are financial constraints.  Therefore the implementation of Rural Electrification Scheme shall be carried out in stages based on fund availability.


Policies on Telecommunication Towers and Structures

1.       General - It is the aim of the State Government to expand rapidly communication infrastructure in the state so that communication and multimedia services can be made available to as many people as possible at affordable rates.   The existing communication towers shall be regularized and the growth in the construction of towers in the state shall be regulated.

2.       There shall be fair and conducive environment for all service providers to expand their services rapidly in the State through provision of common sharing basic communication infrastructure to meet the requirements of all service providers.  Therefore, the State Government had appointed SACOFA Sdn. Bhd. exclusively to construct, own and manage all communication infrastructures to provide for equal access to all industry players.

3.       Construction of towers and infrastructure must be done with proper planning.

4.       All illegal communication towers and structures that shall be approved by State Planning Authority (SPA) will be acquired by SACOFA.

5. All existing illegal communications towers or structures that are not approved by State Planning Unit (SPA) will be dismantled.  SACOFA will build alternative towers for the telcos to migrate.  If the telcos after receiving notice to quit by Land & Survey Department or council do not act accordingly, the authorities will act and the cost of dismantling will be borne by the party who constructed it illegally.

6.       No new communication tower or infrastructure shall be built by any party except by SACOFA.  Any request to build a new tower shall be made to SACOFA as a one-stop Government Agency who will build the tower to meet their requirements.

7.       Construction of new communication towers on roof-tops shall be discouraged except those on high rise buildings that are approved by SPA on case-to case basis. 


To ensure an adequate, reliable, quality, efficient, affordable and safe gas supply for domestic consumers in the State.